Once baby girl made her entrance she and I started to spend some quality time together.  We (with some help) started pray for vision from the Lord as to how I was to add “mother” to the list daughter, sister, friend and wife.  One of the things I struggle with is leaning so hard into one label that I forget about the others.  The picture the Lord painted for me was deep and wide.  It was full, abundant and beyond my imagination.  (Eph 3:20)  It was Kate.

Sip N Savor will be the place where I can process, wrestle and mainly record the pictures, words and moments of LIFE.  (Hab 2:2)  I’m an excellent sip and savor’er.  I love to sip, or take small little bits and linger in them.  I can sip coffee, or sip moments.  I may have hours to enjoy my little one napping on my shoulder.  Or I may only have a few seconds to seal an off to work kiss in my mind.  I don’t want to miss anything, and standing still isn’t going to get me anywhere.


One thought on “About

  1. Oh my friend, this is magnificent. Thank you for opening your thoughts, heart and visual life!
    I love you so,

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