He said I should write.

The other day the Lord said “you should write”.  I said “I’m not a writer.  My neighbor, Made For This, now she is a writer”.  I tend to tell God things He already knows…and actually created.  None the less He told me to write.  So, the next question is what will I write about?  The only answer I have is: what is in my head.  As I write this my mind is racing with words and images on what writing for me is.  The problem isn’t inspiration.  The problem is the practice of reproducing what’s in my head…..outside my head.

This morning I had set some time aside to be with God, just the two of us.  When I started to think of all the ways to spend my very own 2 hours my mind was flooded with cleaning, pinning, sewing, reading, sleeping.  I settled on a showering, a luxury as a mom, and a place where I not only think but find perspective/direction.  Side note: check out Gary Molander’s post titled Taking Long Showers that talks about the link between showers and creativity. 

After my 20 minute shower I had an idea of how the morning would look.  I need structure, to much go with the flow means I have to buy new pants, so I have a plan of sorts.

  1. Make long meetings with the Lord more consistent = take my Tuesday nights and Thursday mornings back (whenever possible).
  2. Start the time with a shower + time to journal/write afterwards = being clean before the Lord (profound).
  3. Transfer anything from head to the world somewhere.

This is not a all inclusive, but a place for me to start.  And typing is writing….right?


1 thought on “He said I should write.

  1. Oh, yes, typing is definitely writing. And I’m super excited that the Lord told you that – you’re absolutely a writer. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say, what the Lord’s been telling you!

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